What do we look for in a McLardy McShane Partner?

mclardy mcshane partner

You’ve probably seen us talk about ‘What’s the attraction to McLardy McShane’ over the past few months, but we’re also asked what we look for in return when it comes to potential joint venture partners. It’s a great question, and one that we put to our Group General Manager, Meg Long. Read on to find out what she said! 

Top 3 things we look for in a McLardy McShane Partner

Meg Long, Group General ManagerThere are a lot of factors we consider when considering a new joint venture partnership, and there are three big ones that come to mind.

  1. Are you ready to be an entrepreneur? First and foremost, we want to know that our potential partner has a strong entrepreneurial spirit – that drive, fire in the belly, a big appetite for growth. Most of our partnerships lend themselves to a high degree of autonomy, so you need to be a self-starter that can keep yourself on track. In return, we can provide quality back office support, professional development, coaching and mentoring.
  2. What are you famous for? Next we would want to know how clear you are on your point of difference – what do you have to offer that’s better than your competitors? Do you specialise or have extensive experience in a specific market, industry or geography? What is it that your clients love about you? On our part, we’re famous for being fun, flexible, forward-thinking and growing FAST!
  3. How do you do business? Thirdly but arguably most importantly, we look for values alignment – our culture and community involvement are some of our biggest points of difference, and we partner with people that want to be part of that. We expect our partners to have the same ‘people before profits’ approach that we do, and we’d look for someone who wants to be an active part of our community initiatives. Plus, I can tell you firsthand that our activities and events are always a great time. 

Contact Meg Long to talk about becoming a McLardy McShane partner

If this sounds like you, contact me to chat further on 0434 613 546 or email meg@mclardymcshane.com.au

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