McLardy McShane Thomas branch in Horsham proud to sponsor local athletes

horsham local insurance sponsorship

The McLardy McShane Thomas branch in Horsham is proud to sponsor two locals, Minda & Pippa Denhim as they compete for Victoria in the National Championship cycling competition in Brisbane in July.

Branch Manager Steve Thomas said he was chatting with a local associate when the conversation led to his daughters and their sporting achievements and the cost of competing at a high level.

I wasn’t thinking about it from a commercial perspective, I just like the idea of supporting people who have supported me. Minda and Pippa’s mother, Sharon, was the trainer at Pimpinio football club for a few years and Matt (their father) helped me out by playing some games when short of numbers whilst I was coaching the reserves. The family is really excited about the event and we’ll all be cheering them on back home.”

From all of us here at McLardy McShane, congratulations and good luck, Minda and Pippa! 

A few photos 

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