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Cyber insurance

**Did you know?!** 60% of recent data breaches have targeted small businesses. Learn more about cyber insurance and how it could protect your business.

Why join McLardy McShane Partners?

What’s the attraction to McLardy McShane? Come find out! But you don’t have to take our word for it, here’s what some of our McLardy McShane Partners have to say about joining the Group.

Retail insurance

Our experienced insurance brokers can help you select the right retail insurance for your needs. To get advice and a quote for your retail business insurance, call McLardy McShane on 1300 032 086.


people power

McLardy McShane – People power

Melbourne-based brokerage and authorised representative network McLardy McShane is growing fast – both geographically and in breadth of offerings. But crucial to its success is

cyber insurance update

Cyber insurance update

When we think about insurance, we only think about materialistic tangible things. If we can touch it, then it can be insured. But what about

financial advice

A warm welcome for Mark

The importance of financial advice IN THESE times of economic uncertainty financial planning is important for so many of us, and finding a trusted and