McLardy McShane announce partnership with House of Darwin Foundation as National Reconciliation Week begins

As McLardy McShane Insurance Brokers recognises National Reconciliation Week which begins on Monday May 27, the Company is delighted to announce a new partnership with House of Darwin Foundation.

National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to continue to educate themselves on Indigenous culture and history, and to seek to strengthen connections between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples.

House of Darwin Foundation plays an active role in this journey, with the Indigenous- owned, not-for-profit organisation committed to creating positive change and improving the lives of individuals and communities in the Northern Territory.

McLardy McShane Group Chief Operating Officer Meg Long said the Company has been impressed by the meaningful impact that House of Darwin Foundation continues to have on local communities throughout the Territory.

“We at McLardy McShane are incredibly passionate about continuing to resolve some of the issues Northern Territory communities are facing day-to-day and we have been inspired by the House of Darwin story and the work they are doing for their community,” Long said.

“We were initially brought together through a personal connection of Nick and Sarah McLardy, but I believe this partnership will grow deeper and deeper as we move forward together.

“We encourage our McLardy McShane community to look into the work that House of Darwin Foundation has been doing, from their Hoop Dreams initiative to their support of the Darwin Dingoes basketball team.”

House of Darwin Foundation Shaun Edwards said:

“I am thrilled to extend a 15-year friendship with Nick and the McLardy family into a partnership with House of Darwin that allows the House of Darwin Foundation to continue the work we’re doing in the Northern Territory in remote Indigenous communities.

“This initial partnership will allow us to get to work with the Tiwi Island Football League and supply much needed resources to the community.”

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