Swim School Insurance

A good insurance or risk management program can safeguard your commercial and retail organisation.
Our unique products, established relationships with Insurers and knowledge of this industry will protect your business with comprehensive cover at a competitive price. Our experienced aquatics personnel are specialists in this field to understand your business and its trends, enabling us to provide you with a thorough risk assessment, professional service and tailored advice.

Insurance Products

Package highlights include cover for Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Management Liability insurances.

Coverage can also be arranged for Business Insurance (Property), Business Interruption, Voluntary Workers Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Personal and Life Insurance covers.

We can assist with these Swim School Operations:-

  • Stand Alone Swim School Complexes
  • Backyard Swimming pools running your own business
  • Self-employed Swim Teachers
  • Contracting out to other businesses
  • Private lane hire at Swim Centres
  1. Self-employed Swim Teachers – cover is suitable if you hire out lanes at a swimming centre or have a backyard swimming pool and you are currently Austswim or Ascta Qualified + have your CPR accreditation.
  2. Swim Schools – cover is suitable if you run a Swim School from a Swim centre or operate a private Swim School with employees and contractors and have current AustswimOr Ascta qualified coaches including their own CPR accreditation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Swim School Insurance

Why you should take out Professional Indemnity Insurance ?

Whilst as a coach you try to employ best practise to develop the next generation of Swimmers it can only take one unfortunate act, error or omission to result in an injury to a swimmer which can lead to compensation and medical payments. Some of these incidents can be of no fault of your own and you may have the unpleasant experience of defending the matter in court which can be costly that is why it is also important to have Professional Indemnity Insurance.Limits under the standard format of cover are $5m to optional $10m.

What level of Insurance cover is available?

Under Professional Indemnity Insurance coverage limits of $5m or $10m limits are available and under General Liability section we can offer $10m and $20m limits. Management Liability Insurance limit is standard at $1m.

What qualifications are suitable under this Insurance Program?

An instructor/teacher must be either Austswim or Ascta qualified, have CPR accreditation and current working with children checks.

Who is the Swimming School Insurance suitable for?

Swim schools that have employees and sub – contractors working for them. Your Insurance premium will depend on your level of business activity. Contact Matt on 0428 117 929 to discuss your requirements.

Who is the Self-Employed Swim teacher insurance Suitable for?

Sole contractors that hire lanes at a local swim centre, council pool or backyard Swim facility and you are paid directly, no employee or contractors working for you and If you are working more than 20 hours per week and earn more than $20,000 per year.

What are the types of claims that I could incur under Management Liability Insurance?

Whereas Public Liability provides protection for personal injury or property damage in the course of your activities, Management Liability is designed to protect the running of the business. Claims could be for any actual or alleged wrongful acts in the course of your duties. E.g. a customer’s database is illegally breached and personal information may be compromised. The costs of advising customers plus legal representation at the privacy commission would be covered by Management Liability Insurance.

Other areas of cover include Employment Practices Liability Insurance from claims for wrongful dismissal or discrimination by past and present employees, customers or suppliers.For Example, in the case of an employee alleging improper conduct relating to sexual harassment at a Staff Xmas Party Management did not take the matter seriously, the staff member took action resulting in a 5-figure payout including defence costs.

Statutory Liability claims protects both individuals and the entity against fines and penalties. For example, an employee was injured at work for not providing a safe working environment. The company was fined for Breach of Work Health and Safety obligations and Fair work after entering guilty pleas on one count. The defence costs and statutory penalty were covered by the Management Liability policy.

Crime coverage cover is also included for a direct financial loss from a fraudulent or dishonest act of an employee or outside third party. For example, an insured discovered that a senior accounts manager had been electronically transferring money from a subsidiary company’s bank account into her own. The individual had been with the company for five years and was considered a trusted employee.


Are there any payment options available?

Yes, to assist with your cash-flow, we can spread the cost of the insurance by payment via Premium Funding which offers payment over instalments, interest charges apply to the loan.

Who is the Underwriter?

The policy is underwritten by Sports Underwriting Australian Pty Ltd on behalf of AIG Australia Limited.

Matthew Hamilton

0428 117 929

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