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Credit insurance

Credit insurance is an option to cover your business against your customers insolvency and payment default.

Policies can be tailored to suit your business needs – to cover a single debtor or your entire debtor book.

Unsecured debtors generally make up to approx. 40% of the current assets on a typical balance sheet.

How well do you know the strength of your key customers?

Can they continue to settle their account on the unsecured credit terms agreed?

How would your business survive if one of your customers owing you $50,000 collapsed and was unable to pay?

A $50,000 bad debt at 5% net profit margin would require new business of $1million to return you to the pre loss position. Can this be achieved in the following 3 to 6 months?

Important benefits to your business

Cover for your unsecured domestic and/or export customers.

Policy covers against insolvency, protracted default, contract repudiation, currency issues and political risks.

Cover up to 90% of the unpaid debt.

Access to early warning alerts for payment issues.

Provides confidence in business growth when searching for new customers and markets.

Can be assigned to your banking provider potentially strengthening their security and/or lending position.

Cash flow and profit protection.

With the support of the McLardy McShane Group, we can focus on you.

With the backing of the McLardy McShane Group we can leverage specialist expertise and better rates from insurers due to our size and network. We offer great service and better coverage at competitive prices. Our reputation is based on delivering great service and above all else, placing people over profit.

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